Coffee House Menu

The Well Coffee House offers a wide range of specialty drinks and meal items.


Here are several examples:

Hot Drinks               Cold Drinks
Espresso   Frappes (decaf & sugar-free also)
Coffee (drip brew)   Fruit Smoothies
Coffee (pour over/french press)   Iced Coffee
Americano   Iced Lattes
Black Eye   Iced Teas 
Macchiato (traditional 3 oz)   Italian Soda
Cappuccino (traditional 7 oz)   Bottled Drinks


Gourmet Specialty Sodas


Latte (traditional 12 & 16oz)

Various Flavored Lattes   Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches
Hot Chocolate   Bagels
Steamer   Soups from Miltown Deli
Chai Latte   Chips and Snacks

Our coffee is roasted by Alabaster Coffee and Tea Co..

The Well Ministry at Christ Wesleyan Church  -   363 Stamm Road, Milton. PA 17847   -   (570) 246-5585  -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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