Coffee House Menu

The Well Coffee House offers a wide range of specialty drinks and meal items.


Here are several examples:

Hot Drinks               Cold Drinks
Espresso   Frappes (decaf & sugar-free also)
Coffee (drip brew)   Fruit Smoothies
Coffee (pour over/french press)   Iced Coffee
Americano   Iced Lattes
Black Eye   Iced Teas 
Macchiato (traditional 3 oz)   Italian Soda
Cappuccino (traditional 7 oz)   Bottled Drinks


Gourmet Specialty Sodas


Latte (traditional 12 & 16oz)

Various Flavored Lattes   Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches
Hot Chocolate   Bagels
Steamer   Soups
Chai Latte   Chips and Snacks

Our coffee is roasted by Alabaster Coffee and Tea Co..

The Well Ministry at Christ Wesleyan Church  -   363 Stamm Road, Milton. PA 17847   -   (570) 246-5585  -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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